Erie Canal Rowing Club
The Erie Canal Rowing Club is a non-profit organization founded on June 16th, 1996.  We are centered in Rome and the surrounding community. Our organization represents enthusiasts from the Central New York area. Our membership includes men and women of all ages from high school on up.

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We are trying to find a permanent home on the canal to accommodate our rowing, and to provide a base of operations, an Erie Canal Rowing Club boat house. We hope to make a substantial impact in the Rome area with activities that are beneficial to the entire community. Not only will the Rome area residents and businesses enjoy and profit from our annual head race, and erg race, but we can provide other benefits. We are willing to work together with community organizations to provide the maximum safe utilization of the barge canal area in general. Such activities enhance the recreational and tourist atmosphere that� the Erie Canal Restoration are trying to promote.

We are constantly looking for new members to enjoy our sport. We look forward to offering more people the opportunity to learn to row and join the fun on the Erie Canal in Rome.

Have you ever rowed an Eight, a Four, a Single?

Did you ever want to?

Have you ever had experience rowing, sculling, coaching, or maintaining shells?

Want to now?

The Erie Canal Rowing Club is looking for new members with those interest and qualities.� We are a small club with big plans and high expectations.� You can be an important part of our rowing club.

E-mail us at the address listed!

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